4 handy iOS 10 Phone app tips and tricks

Ever since its introduction, the iPhone has gone through numerous changes, but one thing that has mostly remained the same is the Phone app. With iOS 10, Apple added new features to this app, including saving voicemail and voicemail transcription. Here are four tips (two of which highlight new features in iOS 10) to help you get the most out of the Phone app in iOS 10.

iPhone iPad Samsung Repair Specialists

Are you worried about the cracked or broken iPhone, iPad and Samsung devices that you have? If so, worry no more as our company at TCA Wireless is here to help you out with such concerns. We are highly specialized in different repair areas of your devices. Through the long years of repair services we have been offering to all our clients in Hawaii, we became the number one repair service provider in Hawaii.

SHADOW- An App for Dreamers

Have you ever woken up abruptly in the middle of the night and thought to yourself, “That was the craziest dream I’ve ever had?” For most people, that thought is as far as they get towards actually documenting the strange occurrence. Developer Hunter Lee Soik and his team of highly motivated innovators are working hard on fixing this problem.
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The Most Affordable and Resilient Smart Watches That Money Can Buy

Today I am going to review the most cost effective and resilient smart watches that money can buy, I am going to start with the most basic models and I am going to end my review with the most functional smart watches, the latest models are capable of performing advanced tasks and might as well replace your smart phone.

The Future of Wimax

In this article I am going to talk about the future of Wimax. Wimax might just be the ideal 4G technology because it can deliver high speed internet with a huge coverage, Wimax is also called WiFi on steroids. What is Wimax? Wimax stands for the worldwide interoperability for microwave access. Wimax is a good alternative to DSl, Cable and T1 lines. The internet is formed out of three high speed access methods, cable, dsl and the T1 line.

Dual cameras are a boon for manufacturers, but are they worth the hype?

Dual cameras have found a home in some of today’s high-end smartphones and 2017 is already seeing a line-up of new devices equipped with or expected to sport the cutting edge photography technology. As with all new pieces of technology, we’re also likely to see dual cameras trickle further down into the mid-range too. Huawei’s Honor range is already there. But should we immediately leap at this technology over single sensor alternatives?

iPhone 8 Leak Reveals Apple’s Expensive Secrets

2017 is the year the iPhone gets a major upgrade. We already know about its radical redesign, but now there are further details on what could be its most significant new feature – and the additional cost it brings… The source is none other than KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo (famously dubbed “the best Apple AAPL -0.22% analyst on the planet”). In a new report obtained by 9to5Mac, Kuo says Apple will finally introduce wireless charging across its upcoming iPhone ranges. This will double up with fast wired charging, which I exclusively revealed last month.

This Android Phone Is the Perfect Samsung Note 7 Replacement

The good: Long battery life, Good camera with a wide range of controls, Easy to grip without a case The bad: Includes excessive apps, Not water and dust resistant, No virtual assistant at launch Who should buy: Android fans looking for a great large phone with long battery life. When Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 last September, Android fans looking for a big-screened smartphone were left with few choices aside from Google’s Pixel XL.

iPhone 8 Report Claims Biggest Feature Might Be Removed

There is a lot of talk about the look of the so-called ‘iPhone 8’. Much like the radically redesigned Galaxy S8, Apple AAPL +0.07%’s 2017 iPhone is expected to undergo the greatest external overhaul in several generations. But it looks like this will be done without what was meant to be its most exciting feature.

iPhone gains ground, but Android’s still top dog. Google’s mobile software continues to eat iPhone’s lunch in the US, Europe and China, but Apple is catching up in key markets

Apple’s iPhone had a strong holiday season, according to a report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech published Wednesday. But Google’s Android continues to dominate overall.