If any of the cameras on your iPhone 4S has been damaged, you will see the result and evidence of it. You will have dimmed or blurry pictures. If your back camera application does not open, this will mean that something went wrong with your phone.

However, TCA Wireless is there for you to help you fix the problems with your iPhone 4S. The TCA Wireless offers also back camera replacement services. If something happened to the camera of your iPhone 4S, just bring it here and the experts will tell you what is needed for your favorite phone.

Our service will bring life back to your iPhone 4S back camera and make it work like new again. Out of our four stores, two are located in Honolulu & other two in Waipahu & Pearl City. If you are near one of our four convenient locations on oahu, please come down today and we will take care of your iphone, most iphone replacement can be done while you wait or shop at don quijote or ala moana. If you are located off island, send us your iphone today, and we will fix it the same we receive it and return to you via USPS.