Avoiding App Overwhelm

While most of us download smartphone apps to improve productivity, too many notifications and alerts can lead to app overwhelm.

In this article, we give our top tips on how to avoid app overwhelm:

1. Organize Your Apps

How often do you open your iphone to do one thing and then end up being distracted by another app? Creating folders for apps with a similar purpose can really help to avoid distractions so that you don’t see all of your apps when you unlock your iPhone.

2. Disable Notifications

Give some thought to which notifications you really need - such as phone calls and texts - and which ones you can live without. You can set your iPhone to only show notifications on the Lock Screen so that it doesn’t notify you every time someone tags you on social media while using your iPhone.

3. Turn Off “Mail”

You can set up your email accounts so that they are “Manual Fetching” which means that new emails will only be shown when you go into the app and check your email. This will reduce the notifications that you receive and the number of times you go into your phone to look at them.

4. Delete All Entertainment Apps

If you want a distraction-free device, consider deleting all social media apps, news apps or video apps like YouTube. These are the types of apps that can send you into hours of browsing because they are the most distracting.
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