iPhone 11 v Pixel 4: Which is Better?

The original Google Pixel line was created in the mold of Apple’s iPhone, but over time it has evolved into its own unique device. The latest model, the Pixel 4, when compared to the iPhone 11 could be the closest Apple/Google comparison so far.

Lets start with Design

The main screen is bigger on the iPhone 11. The Pixel 4, on the other hand, has a bigger bezel at the top. On the back, the two phones are surprisingly similar now that the Pixel 4 has lost Google’s two-tone glass design. There are more color options with the iPhone 11, which is available in white, black, yellow, green, purple and red. The Pixel 4 is only available in black, white and orange.

The Screens

The iPhone’s LCD is larger with a lower-resolution, while the Pixel 4 is smaller and sharper. One crucial difference is in the refresh rate. The Pixel’s screen has a 90 Hz refresh rate, compared to the iPhone’s 60Hz.  With a higher refresh rate, the Pixel will provide a smoother and quicker viewing experience.

The Cameras

Both models offer a dual-camera setup, but they differ in the choice of the secondary camera. The iPhone 11 has an ultra-wide camera which zooms out, while the Pixel 4 has a telephoto camera that zooms in. They both offer 3D face scanning for strong facial security. In this category, both models are winners.


This category is won by Apple. The iPhone 11’s A13 bionic chip is superior in power and quickness. By comparison, the Pixel 4 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip, which is fast for an Android, but is not the top of the line.

Battery & Other Features

The battery pack is larger in the iPhone 11. Both devices offer wireless charging. The base model for both phones comes with 64GB of storage.  An upgrade to 128gb is available on the Pixel, while an upgrade to 256 GB of storage is available on the iPhone 11.

One fun feature about the Pixel 4 is its pressure-sensitive “squeezable sides” that they call Active Edge, which allows you to call up Google Assistant quickly.


At the time of this recording, the iPhone 11 starts at $699 while the Pixel starts at $799.

Overall Verdict: iPhone 11

Both models come with some impressive features, but we believe that the iPhone wins overall. The design is sleeker, it has a stronger battery life, lower price point, better performance and the operating system designed by Apple gives the iphone a slight edge.

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