iPhone iPad Samsung Repair Specialists

Are you worried about the cracked or broken iPhone, iPad and Samsung devices that you have? If so, worry no more as our company at TCA Wireless is here to help you out with such concerns. We are highly specialized in different repair areas of your devices. Through the long years of repair services we have been offering to all our clients in Hawaii, we became the number one repair service provider in Hawaii.

At TCA Wireless, we understand that the appearance of your device is very important. Hence, we always take whatever kind of repair services we will render to your device in a serious manner. Regardless of the brand and model of phone that you have, we have our skilled and professional specialists who will be working with you to assure that your phone will look as close to brand new as possible. As the best repair service provider in Hawaii, we assure you that your time, money and effort spent with us will be all worth it.  We will give you the highest quality repair phone results and exceed your expectations.

Our Effective and High Quality Repair Services

At TCA Wireless, our customer serves as our topmost priority and whatever repair needs they are highly in need of, we always give them enough time and effort to meet their demands.  Here are some of the repair services that we may render to your phone / device as follows:

  • Color Change

Tired of the standard color of your iPhone 4/4s? At TCA Wireless, we can completely change the color of your phone. We offer a wide variety of phone colors to suit your needs that includes blue, red, pink, light blue, black, white and many others. We always cater such kind of repair services to make our customers happy since they are able to customize the color of their phone with our help.

  • Speaker Repair

Is your phone not making pleasing sounds, stays in its silent mode all the time, doesn’t ring or even offers static sounds? Well, if such situation happens, you need to let your phone speaker be repaired or replaced with a new one. Come down and check out our company, TCA Wireless, where our technicians are ready to repair your speaker so you can hear your phone ringing clear and loud.

  • Battery

Is your phone battery draining too fast and not holding a charge? Then, there might be something wrong with its battery that needs to be repaired immediately. It’s time for you to replace it with a new one especially if it’s not properly working. At TCA Wireless, we only use high quality parts.  Consequently, the battery you are really disappointed about will be replaced accordingly.

  • Phone Button Repairs

Are you experiencing great difficulty in pressing some buttons on your phone? As the leading repair service provider in Hawaii, we are here to give you the best repair services for all the different phone buttons. This includes the home button, power button, volume button and many others.

  • Screen Repairs

For broken iPhone, iPads and Samsung models, TCA Wireless in Hawaii, is the best place for you to seek repair services. We are very knowledgeable in repairing screen damage to your phone no matter how simple or complex it is. We make use of the best grade screens and parts available in the market place so your phone will operate optimally.

These are just some of the effective and high quality repair services that we are offering at TCA Wireless. There are still other repair services that we render to our clients phone depending on what kind of problem they are facing. With the support and repair services we are offering, all our clients experience high quality and fast results. We will not waste your time, money and effort spent with us.

Why Choose TCA Wireless?

As one of the best repair service providers for your phone, our company at TCA Wireless always takes pride in our reputation. For this reason, we only offer the best components and replacement parts for your phone repair needs.  We specialize in iPhone, iPad and Samsung repair services. This is due to the fact that we completely understand that you have made a heavy investment in your high end phones. When it unexpectedly cracks or breaks, you want to return it to its original state as soon as possible. Here are some of the things you need to consider in choosing us:

  • Professional Repair Technicians

At TCA Wireless, we have our skilled and professional technicians who are going to render the repair services.  We employ skilled technicians to make sure that they can be of the best help in restoring your phone as if nothing happened. This is very essential to prevent further damage to your phone.

  • High Quality Repair Service

At TCA Wireless, not only do we utilize the highest quality parts and machinery to repair your phone / device, but we also stand by our work with a guarantee / warranty.

  • Affordable Service

At TCA Wireless, we are aware that money really matters to our clients. There are times that they are highly in need for repair services yet they can’t do anything but to wait for repair service providers to reduce their repair service costs. At TCA Wireless, our repair services, are affordable. This gives more chances for phone users in Hawaii to seek our services without worrying about other financial concerns.

As a reputable repair service provider in Hawaii, we are aware that delivering high quality repair service means building strong relationships overtime. This is the reason why we offer only the best iPhone, iPad and Samsung repair services by providing excellent repair assistance and customer services to them. Regardless of the model or brand of phone you have, you can rest assured that with our company, all repair issues and concerns you are worried about will be handled by our efficient and superior staff.