The 5 Best Camera Accessories for iPhone X

Even though your iPhone X takes incredible photos — for a smartphone — it isn’t likely to replace your DSLR or mirrorless camera any time soon. There’s only so much that software gimmicks can make up for. That said, not everybody is going to carry an expensive, dedicated camera when they have a smartphone. That holds true for action cameras like GoPros, too. Below you’ll find our favorite photography accessories for the iPhone X. Some give you more lens options. Others give you a steady hand. All are a bit of fun. Whether you’re a vlogger, action junkie or just a world traveler, these are our favorite gadgets to get more out of your wonderful iPhone X.

DJI Osmo 2 Gimbal

DJI’s gimbal technology has proved to be pretty fantastic in its drones, and the company has brought that same technology to its line of smartphone accessories. The new Osmo 2 is newest and best example of that, and at $130, it’s actually very affordable. The electronic handheld gimbal is designed to lend a steady hand to smartphone photographers and videographers, and it comes with a heap of helpful skills. You can capture, record, pan and tilt the iPhone without having to touch it (and mess up the shot). If you set it up on a tripod, the Osmo 2 can lock-on a subject and automatically track them. It can capture motion time-lapses, which is a feature usually reserved for much more expensive camera equipment, and charge your iPhone X, too. Read more..