The Most Affordable and Resilient Smart Watches That Money Can Buy

Today I am going to review the most cost effective and resilient smart watches that money can buy, I am going to start with the most basic models and I am going to end my review with the most functional smart watches, the latest models are capable of performing advanced tasks and might as well replace your smart phone.

The Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble was introduced in late 2012 and it originally started as a project that has enjoyed a huge success. The watch comes in with a sleek yet minimalistic design, the e-paper display leaves me with a unpleasant impression however. As of early 2014 the market is already teeming with a plethora of smart watch manufacturers and the old Pebble will need an upgrade if it wants to stand out.

On the left hand side of the device you can find the menu button and some pogo pins for charging while on the right hand side of the device you can find three more buttons – a up and down button that is used for scrolling and a rather bulky select button between the two up and down buttons.

One of the positive aspects of this device is the vibrating motor as this is quite practical because you can feel it a lot better than those vibrating motors installed on cell phones. Overall I am not that impressed with the Pebble smart watch, considering the 120$ price tag and the fact that there is a variety of competitive models which are currently available on the market, I would rather choose a higher end device with improved multimedia capabilities. RunKeeper, Pebble Snap, Pebble Locker, Pebble apps, Pebble Calendar are some useful applications according to techulator.

The Sony Smartwatch 2

The Sony Smartwatch 2 is the second model of the Sony Smartwatch series; the design of this smart watch is quite impressive. The thing that I like the most about this smart watch is the ergonomic silicon belt, this basically makes the watch extremely comfy to wear.

The watch itself is made of some high quality aluminum body which Sony claims to be quite sturdy when it comes in contact with water and dust. The smart watch features a fairly large 1.6 inch screen with a 220 X 170 pixel resolution. The display of this device is touch-sensitive. The watch comes in with a fairly good battery that may last you up to four days with heavy usage and an entire week with moderate usage.

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The battery charges with a fairly standard micro USB port. The watch is compatible with any Android 4.0 device and it does require the smart connect app from Sony. Overall I am quite impressed with the look and feel of this smart watch. With the Sony Smartwatch 2 you can literally have a glimpse into the future as this smart watch seems to have it all, a large screen, excellent battery autonomy and an exquisite design with an excellent ergonomic feel and when you think of the 125$ price tag you know that you can’t go wrong with this device.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is the brand new smart watch from Samsung, the concept behind the Galaxy Gear is quite simple, the device has a lot of the essential functions of a smart phone but all of these features are packed in the compact form factor of the watch. The smart watch features classic features such as a camera, a call function and you can also run some cool apps on the device.

The user interface is quite easy to use, you simply scroll to the side to select your app and if you scroll far enough you can get to the app menu. There you can see the stock apps that come installed on the device. You can find important apps such as a pedometer, a timer and you can also manage it in such a way that you can install other apps developed by third party companies.

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The design of this device is quite impressive as it features a fairly large screen and a pretty decent form factor. With the Samsung Galaxy Gear you can do pretty much everything that you do with a top notch feature phone with this, you can make calls, send SMS messages and take pictures.

All in all, I am quite impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Gear however if you want to have some extra multimedia capabilities you should really consider the Sony Smartwatch 2 as the Galaxy Gear acts primarily as a companion to higher end Galaxy models from Samsung.

LG G Smart Watch

LG has just unveiled the G Smart Watch in early March, this neatly designed smart watch from LG has Android wear as well as a classic square design that is common with Sony and Samsung. The phone is going to be powered by Android wear which is Google’s new wear operating system.

Android wear is a really general platform and there are going to be a lot of manufacturers on board. Think of it as just the regular Android OS but there are going to be a lot of manufacturers such as HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola and this is going to be more of a low end offering. The LG G watch is expected to launch sometime in the second quarter of 2015 and LG stated that it is working closely with Google in developing this smart watch.

The smart watch itself is going to be supported by a large number of Android smartphones and this is still kind of early on in their release cycle, I will still give it a little more time before we can learn more about the technical specifications.

The design of the watch is quite impressive although the Samsung Galaxy Gear as well as the Sony Smartwatch 2 are clearly superior in design however the rather bulky form factor of the LG G makes it ideal for those with rather large hands. All in all, at a first glance the LG G smart watch seems to be a reasonable choice as the built quality is quite good and the technical specifications as well as software ubiquity make this watch a great choice at a personal level.