Top 10 iPhone Tips to Simplify Your Life

Most people choose an iPhone because it is easy to use and covers a lot of different functions in one place. Here are top 10 iPhone tips to simplify your life.

  1. Create Custom iMessages When You Are Busy

If you are in a meeting or unable to talk, you can send a prepared message, like “can I call you later?”. When that call comes in, tap the “Message” button above Slide to Answer, and choose the pre-written options that will be sent. These can also be edited within settings for your own custom messages. 

By clicking the “Remind Me” button when the call comes through, you can also schedule a reminder to call them back later.

  1. Shake To Undo

If you delete something by accident, you can undo it by simply shaking your phone. This can come in handy when you have been writing a message that gets inadvertently deleted. 

  1. Taking Photos During Videos

When you are filming a video using your iPhone, you can take a photo at the same time by tapping the camera button on screen.

  1. Getting iPhone to Read Your Texts

iPhones can read your text messages out loud by going to Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content and slide Speak Selection to the on position. Once this is set up, if you hold down the speech bubble in your message and choose speak, your iPhone will read your message out loud. This can come in especially handy if you are driving or in the middle of something and it is easier to listen to your messages than read them. 

  1. Faster Charging

By switching your iPhone to airplane mode while it is charging, you can charge it up to five times faster. Just make sure you remember to switch airplane mode off when you are done, or you won’t be able to receive any calls or texts.

  1. Hide Your Photos

If you have photos that you want to keep private, you can choose to hide them within the Photos app. Simply select the photos that you want to hide, tap the Share button and then press the Hide button. After that, these photos will only appear in a hidden folder in your albums. 

  1. Sleeping with Music

If you like to listen to music when you go to sleep, then this may help you. By selecting the Clock App and pressing Timer, you will be able to set your iphone to stop playing music after a set period of time. 


  1. Turn off Auto-Correct

We all know the frustrations of an auto-correction that doesn’t match our natural writing style. To turn off auto-correct, simply Select Settings > General > Keyboard and slide the Auto-Correction to the off position.

  1. Do Not Disturb Mode

To set your Do Not Disturb times, simply go to Settings and select Do Not Disturb then configure the hours of the day and night when you don’t want to be bothered. Do Not Disturb can be activated or disabled from the Do Not Disturb page or the control center.  With this activated, your phone calls, text messages and notifications will be silenced during the set hours. 

  1. Tap to Scroll Up

If you have scrolled to the end of a long document, or through a social media feed, and want to be taken back to the very top, just tap the very top of your iPhone screen. 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.


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