Here at TCA Wireless of Hawaii, we are iPhone experts and are skilled in every facet of iPhone repair and service that you might need. Although it is possible to visit the Apple store to have your iPhone parts replaced or your phone serviced, the price tag is almost never worth it. Instead it is much better to repair an existing phone for a fraction of the cost.

iPhone Unlocking

We are the top tier retailer for all iPhone related services and we specialize in a wide variety of services to help meet your needs. One of the many services we offer is iPhone unlocking. Many people desire the freedom to select their carrier of choice and often wish to utilize a SIM card of their own choosing. This is where iPhone unlocking comes in handy. Our skilled technicians can provide this for a very reasonable price. Factory unlocked iPhones are also available for sale. Reasons to unlock your iPhone:
 -This is a permanent unlocking solution. The iPhone remains unlocked even after updates.
 -If you are traveling, buy a local SIM card and save on roaming fees,
 -The resell value of the Iphone device will increase significantly as it is available to any GSM network.
 -Easily switch between SIM cards, using the same iPhone.
 -No risk of damaging your Iphone by Factory unlocking it.
 -No complicated software, jailbreaking, or gevey sim cards. We do not use any cables, or install software so your confidential information will not be compromised.
 -Warranty will not be voided.
 -All iPhone operating system versions, all basebands.
 -100% Guaranteed.

iPhone Parts

As iPhone experts, we provide a wide variety of iPhone parts for the modern consumer. We know that you may want to express your individuality and move away from traditional white and black iPhone colors. For this reason, we carry a wide array of iPhone color housing conversions for your varied needs. Some of the colors available include White, Blue, Baby Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Hot Pink, Clear Black, Clear White, Orange, Yellow and Green.

We also carry the iPhone battery for the iPhone 3g, 3gs, 4 & 4s for your convenience at all our retail locations.

iPhone Repair

Our iPhone experts can assist you in the event that your phone has experienced moderate to severe iPhone water damage. We understand that your iPhone is closely tied to all your personal contacts, treasured photos and valuable information. For this reason, we will do our utmost to fix iPhone water damage in the event of this unfortunate circumstance. While you wait for your phone to be repaired we also offer the premium service of iPhone rental for qualified clients.

iPhone Jailbreaking
The technical specialists at TCA Wireless are able to jailbreak even the newest iPhone models while maintaining the overall integrity of the iOS software. As anyone who has tried to jailbreak their own iPhone can attest, any wrong move can erase all the data from the device which can be virtually impossible to replace. Instead of taking the risk, place your iPhone in the hands of a competent professional team who can jailbreak your iPhone easily and efficiently.