T-Mobile will pay for your whole family to switch to T-Mobile, even if you just signed a new two-year contract.  T-Mobile will pay off your Early Termination Fees for up to five lines at $650 per line (for a 5 line family plan that’s a total of up to $3,250).

Switching to T-Mobile has never been easier:

• Trade in your old devices and we’ll give you a credit of up to $300 based on the market value for each device.

• Choose from our wide selection of popular devices at $0 down (+24 monthly device payments) and switch your phone numbers to your new devices.

• When you get your final bill from your old carrier, send it to us showing your ETF and we’ll mail you a loaded prepaid card totaling your ETF, up to $350 per line.

• That’s right, break up with your carrier and we’ll pay you up to $650 per line.


  • Port-in a line from any carrier (up to 5 lines).  Number must be Port-in eligible.
  • Must be under contract and have an ETF.
    • Final bill must reflect the ETF.
  • Trade-in an old phone or tablet.
    • $0 trade-in value or higher qualifies.
    • Important: Devices that do NOT power on, have liquid damage, or a cracked screen DO qualify
    • Payment will be applied as a credit to new T-Mobile Bill two days following receipt of trade-in devices.
  • Purchase a new device from T-Mobile (with EIP or full price).
  • Submit final bill with ETF amount(s) from previous carrier.  See www.switch2tmobile.com for instructions.
  • ETF reimbursement requests take up to 8 weeks from submission to process and will be paid in the form of a prepaid MasterCard.
  • Up to $650 maximum combined payout per line based on Trade-in and ETF value:
    • Working devices (must pass three point inspection):
      • Trade-in Value: Up to $300 per working phone or tablet
      • ETF Value: Up to $350 per line, ETF value for working device
    • Broken devices:
      • Trade-in Value: $0
      • ETF Value: up to $350